Jan 05

Statement Regarding CRC Decision to Overturn Ron Cohen’s Illicit Coup Attempt

ISSUED: January 3, 2018


The California Democratic Party has emphatically declared that Chris Robles has been and remains Chair of the San Bernardino County Democratic Party (also known as the San Bernardino County Democratic Central Committee).

A brief email summary of their unanimous decision was sent late Wednesday night:

“The California Democratic Party Compliance Review Commission (CDP CRC) has considered the challenge pertaining to the validity of the meeting held by Mr. Ron Cohen on December 7, 2017, relating to the San Bernardino County Democratic Central Committee (SBCDCC).

In summary, the CDP CRC held that the cancellation of the SBCDCC December 2017 meeting by the SBCDCC Executive Committee on November 10, 2017, was valid, thereby invalidating the subsequent actions taken under the color of the SBCDCC, including but not limited to the meetings held and actions taken on December 7, 2017, and December 28, 2017. Further, the CDP CRC held that pursuant to Elections Code 7241 and the holding in Eu v. San Francisco County Democratic Central Committee, 489 U.S. 214 (1989), the SBCDCC Bylaws supersede Elections Code 7243.

Accordingly, the SBCDCC officers elected prior to the December 2017 meetings above shall remain duly elected and recognized by the CDP, including Mr. Chris Robles as Chair of the SBCDCC.

A full written decision of the CDP CRC will be issued.”

On December 28, 2017, Mr. Ron Cohen effectively resigned his position as Second Vice-Chair of the San Bernardino County Democratic Central Committee in another unsuccessful bid to become the Chair of the SBCDCC. Although, his bid was disavowed by the CDP, his resignation was immediately accepted by Chair Chris Robles.

Notably, Mr. Cohen touted the fact that he was no longer the second vice-chair when he issued a press release and only identified himself as the new Chair. Therefore, an election will be held to fill the second vice-chair position as soon as is practicable.

This recent coup d’état by Mr. Cohen is the sixth time the California Democratic Party invalidated his actions. Mr. Cohen is dishonest about his purpose, and guilty in covering up his own transgressions by spreading discredited lies, making false accusations, and conducting personal attacks on members.

Cohen has a history of insubordination and refusing to comply with our rules and bylaws despite being given every opportunity to do so. He has an established history of making false representations and failing to disclose his conflicts of interest.

The Compliance Review Commission summed it up well:

“The CRC finds disturbing the allegations of inappropriate behavior by the body and encourages all members to act in a courteous and respectful manner in accordance with our core democratic values and hopes and expects people conduct themselves appropriately at all Democratic Party meetings. The CRC notes that the actions of Mr. Cohen, including repeated attempts to circumvent the democratically and duly elected leadership, do not meet the aforementioned standards.”

Because of these and other numerous transgressions, Cohen is the subject of an internal investigation by the San Bernardino County Democratic Party.

Dec 02

*****FRAUD ALERT*****

It has come to our attention that, once again, Mr. Cohen has sent a fraudulent message purporting to be from the San Bernardino County Democratic Party (SBCDP) / San Bernardino County Democratic Central Committee (SBCDCC).  This time, he is attempting to call notice for a meeting that was rightly cancelled by the County Executive Committee. His attempt to use the California Elections Code as a basis for calling for a meeting are unfounded because the chair did not fail to call for a meeting; rather, the meeting was cancelled.  This is one of several times he has attempted to mislead members into thinking that he is hosting a legitimate meeting when he is not. Again, here are some things to look for when trying to decide if the communication you receive is legitimate:
– All official communications will have the appropriate SBCDCC logo;
– When you click on the the official logo, it will take you to sanbernardinodemocrats.org<http://sanbernardinodemocrats.org>(because fraudulent emails usually rely on PDF copies, they are either not clickable or they will take you to a different site);
– All official communications will come from either the Chair, Chris Robles, Secretary Joe Britt, or the Chair of Public Relations, M. Gabriel Alfaro; and,
– When in doubt, either contact us through our official social media page, or check our website, any meetings will be properly listed on our website and/or Facebook Account.

Keep in mind that under the bylaws you will never receive notice via a phone call and all of our meetings will take place at the usual time and place.  Unfortunately, an absence resulting from receiving a fraudulent notice does not count as an excused absence under the bylaws.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the next official meeting.

Nov 10

No Meetings Nov and Dec 2017


There is no Regular Meeting held in November due to Thanksgiving.

The Chair and Executive Committee have cancelled the December meeting so that members can attend the December 10, 2017 fundraiser.

Oct 27

Democratic Awards Banquet 2017

Oct 08

Vote for Your Democratic Party Endorsed Candidates

Election Day is this


Fontana Unified School District

San Bernardino City Unified School District

West Valley Water District

Cucamonga Valley Water District

* Indicates Incumbent Officeholder

If you are an ABSENTEE VOTER:

  • Fill out your ballot, sign the envelope, use the right postage, and get it postmarked no later than this Tuesday, Nov. 7th.  Best if mailed by Monday, November 6, 2017.
  • Drop your ballot off at any City Clerk’s office or County Library
  • Drop your ballot off at any Early Voting site. Go www.sbcountyelections.com or call (909) 387-8300.
  • Drop off your marked ballot at any Polling location on Election Day, Tue. Nov. 7th.  Polls Open Tue. Nov. 7th from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Vote In Person at your designated Polling Location on Election Day, Tue. Nov. 7th.  Polls Open Tue. Nov. 7th from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

If you want to vote IN PERSON:

  • Vote Early at any Early Voting site. Go www.sbcountyelections.com or call (909) 387-8300.
  • Vote on Election Day, Tue. Nov. 7th.  Polls Open Tue. Nov. 7th from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.To find your Polling location, look on your Sample Ballot or call (909)387-8300

For Help Voting, Contact the County Registrar of Voters at (909) 387-8300 or the website.

Oct 03

2017 November Election & Phone Bank Links

For the November 2017 elections the San Bernardino Democratic Party and the California Democratic Party have endorsed:

Fontana Unified School District
San Bernardino City Unified School District
West Valley Water District
Cucamonga Valley Water District


These candidates have all been endorsed because of their upstanding contributions to their respective communities and will make great local representatives! Clicking on their names will link you to a phone list so you can do your part!

Aug 27

We’re looking for a few good Democrats…

We’re looking for a few good Democrats…

  • Have you ever thought about running for local office?
  • Do you think you can do a better job than the incumbents?
  • Do you believe in Public Service and Good Government?
  • Are you a Registered Democrat?

Make history and change San Bernardino County’s future to Blue.

BUILD the BENCH San Bernardino County

Sign Up: Training.SBCDP.org

Jun 08

Special Endorsements of 2017

For the May 2, 2017 elections:   San Bernardino County Democratic Party says vote YES (Measure D was approved)

San Bernardino Mountains Community Hospital District Special Mail Ballot Election – A Special Mail Ballot Election will be held to submit Measure D to the voters within the San Bernardino Mountains Community Hospital District. Voters will decide whether to continue the current appropriations limit for the District.  

For the Jun 6, 2017 elections:

Special Municipal Elections for Apple Valley and Upland

(1)  City of Upland, voters – Measure E.  San Bernardino Democratic Party says vote NO. (Measure E was approved)

An ordinance repealing Chapter 9.48 of the City of Upland Municipal Code and replacing it with a new Chapter 9.48 prohibiting marijuana-related uses and activities in the city. Shall the voters of the City of Upland adopt an ordinance prohibiting marijuana-related uses and activities in the city.

(2) Town of Apple Valley, Measure F. San Bernardino County Democratic Party says vote YES (Measure F was approved)
Shall the Town of Apple Valley be authorized to finance the acquisition of the Apple Valley water system, currently owned and operated by Liberty Utilities, including related expenses, by incurring debt in the maximum amount of $150,000,000, provided that the debt is repaid from revenues generated by the water system, and not from taxes, and further that the Town conducts an annual independent audit.

For July 11, 2017 elections:

 (1)  City of Chino, Measure H. San Bernardino County Democratic Party says vote NO (Measure H was defeated)
General Plan Amendment & Zone Change: Shall Ordinance No. 2017-004, entitled “An Ordinance of the People of the City of Chino, California, to Enact Section No. 20.15.160 of the Chino Municipal Code Converting     29.7 Acres From the General Plan Designation of RD 1 to RD 4.5, RD 8, and RD 12 Generally Located Between Vernon Avenue and Benson Avenue, South of Adams Street, and North of the Chino Promenade Shopping Center and rezoning the same from an RD 1 designation to RD 4.5, RD 8, RD 12 designations” be adopted?

The San Bernardino County Democratic Party on May 25th, 2017 endorsed SB 562, California Single Payer Healthcare Bill, and

HR 676, Expanded & Improved Medicare For All Act 


Apr 25

Club Coordinating Council – May 6, 2017

Attention all Club Presidents, Club Officers, and Democratic Club Representatives! 


We're calling all clubs and club leadership in San Bernardino County together for a club coordinating meeting. 





We value your input, and participation, and we hope that you will make plans to attend. Don't miss out on the latest news and events from the San Bernardino County Democratic Central Committee, and hear our strategic plans to increase, expand our base, and elect more Democrats in San Bernardino. Hear the latest regarding the upcoming State Convention..


If you can not attend, please send at least one representative from your club to attend.  


Please Text Mark Westwood at (909) 810-6102 to confirm your attendance, or who from your club will be attending. 

Apr 06

Take Action

Frustrated by Trump and his policies?

Let’s hold our Republican Congressmembers’ feet to the fire!

Here’s how to help to make REAL change:


Attend or Demand a Town Hall


Hold Republican Congressional members accountable. Too many Republicans are hiding from the public – and we deserve to be heard. Plan to attend a local Republican Congressional town hall or call on your local Republican congressional member to host one.


Make Some Phone Calls


There’s nothing more persuasive than a call from a congressional constituent. If you don’t live in a Republican congressional district, you can still call Democrats who do and ask them to get involved!


Rallies, Marches and Trainings


Click here to see a listing of visibility events with other unaffiliated allies. Keep checking back for more – they are updating their sites daily – and we will be adding more!


Letters to the Editor


Write a letter to the editor and make your voice heard, urging your local, state, and congressional representatives to continue to protect progressive values for all. Remember: these are brief and each paper has it’s own submission guidelines.




This post was borrowed from the CADEM website under take-action.