Jun 27

2016 Pre-Endorsement Conference

The California Democratic Party (CDP) Region 19 Pre-Endorsement
Conference for Congressional, Assembly, and odd-numbered Senate
Districts will take place January 30-31, 2016.

For chartered clubs to participate in the 2016 Pre-Endorsement Conference,
the items listed below need to be submitted by July 1, 2015. The number
of Representatives for a club is calculated as 1 Representative per 20
members registered to vote in the same assembly district.

1) Bylaws/rules which define the term “member in good standing” and
include a provision that only members in good standing as of July 1 shall
be included in the submitted roster.
2) A completed and signed California Democratic Party Roster Submission
3) A completed 2016 CDP Club Organization Roster Submission Template

Please send all three (Bylaws, Submission Form, Roster) to your regional director and the San Bernardino County Democratic Party.

2016 Club Roster Submission Form – interactive

2016 CCO Roster Template