Dec 21

DEMS: Select Your State Party Delegates

ADEM-ElectionEvery two years, the Caldifornia Democratic Party reorganizes by electing new delegates to represent Democrats in every Assembly District throughout California.  These caucuses for electing delegates are called ADEMs (Assembly District Election Meetings).

Any registered Democrat (see Eligibility to Vote below) may cast a ballot to select their delegate representatives to the State Party by attending their appropriate ADEM held either Sat. Jan. 10 or Sun. Jan. 11 in 2015.  

Follow this link ASSEMBLY DISTRICT MEETINGS AND CANDIDATES to see when and where your meeting takes place as well as the canddiates running for delegate.

Our State Party Delegates represent Democrats by:

  • Promoting the California Democratic Party agenda
  • Attending annual State Party conventions
  • Electing Party officers
  • Creating the California State Party Platform
  • Endorsing candidates for statewide, legislative, and congressional office
  • Voting to endorse resolutions and ballot measures
  • Networking with other Democrats locally, regionally, and state-wide

Eligibility to Vote in the ADEM:

  1. You must be a Democrat residing in and registered to vote in the Assembly District by October 20, 2014 (unless the person turned 18 or was naturalized after the deadline, and is registered or registers onsite);
  2. You pay a $5 fee to defray the cost of the ADEM or sign an ADEM sign-in Registration Envelope declaring that to pay the fee would constitute an economic hardship (forms provided at the ADEM)