Dec 02

*****FRAUD ALERT*****

It has come to our attention that, once again, Mr. Cohen has sent a fraudulent message purporting to be from the San Bernardino County Democratic Party (SBCDP) / San Bernardino County Democratic Central Committee (SBCDCC).  This time, he is attempting to call notice for a meeting that was rightly cancelled by the County Executive Committee. His attempt to use the California Elections Code as a basis for calling for a meeting are unfounded because the chair did not fail to call for a meeting; rather, the meeting was cancelled.  This is one of several times he has attempted to mislead members into thinking that he is hosting a legitimate meeting when he is not. Again, here are some things to look for when trying to decide if the communication you receive is legitimate:
– All official communications will have the appropriate SBCDCC logo;
– When you click on the the official logo, it will take you to<>(because fraudulent emails usually rely on PDF copies, they are either not clickable or they will take you to a different site);
– All official communications will come from either the Chair, Chris Robles, Secretary Joe Britt, or the Chair of Public Relations, M. Gabriel Alfaro; and,
– When in doubt, either contact us through our official social media page, or check our website, any meetings will be properly listed on our website and/or Facebook Account.

Keep in mind that under the bylaws you will never receive notice via a phone call and all of our meetings will take place at the usual time and place.  Unfortunately, an absence resulting from receiving a fraudulent notice does not count as an excused absence under the bylaws.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the next official meeting.